"This project proved very challenging to meet the new provincial governing guidelines for compounding facilities and Goldwing was accommodating, collaborative and instrumental throughout the course of construction. To meet the nuances and challenges of this type of project the Goldwing team worked closely with our designer, engineering and consultant to deliver an exceptional new facility."

Dispensaries Compounding Centre

"Our patients are all pleasantly surprised when they see me in our new space. I have received multiple complements on the beauty of the space and the professional look of the clinic, and I always tell them that I was lucky to have worked with a great contractor."

Edmonton Eye Clinic

"Our company doesn't fit the mold for typical office space. As an IT company recruiting a young and highly mobile workforce, our space needs to reflect a high technology brand with an emphasis on innovation. This required creation of unusual elements not found in typical office spaces and Goldwing has not only been up for this challenge, but has also proven to be an excellent source of innovative ideas. Our main observation about Goldwing is that their staff have strong pride in what they create. Whether they are using internal staff to complete a task, or managing sub-contractors, the emphasis on quality and meeting our vision is at the forefront."

Softworks Group Inc.

"Goldwing has been our go-to contractor in the area of interior construction for more than 10 years and we have worked with Mark McFarlane for more than 25 years.


Most recently Goldwing completed a top to bottom renovation of our Edmonton building over a six-month period. They handled all the logistics, which included doing the renovation in a working office of 240 people. Their staff and trades worked respectfully and effectively with our employees to complete the work with minimum disruption to our business." 

Tetra Tech

" . .  . . thank you for your assistance in building our 33,000 square feet offices at 9888 Jasper Avenue. 

I wish to convey my pleasure with respect to your onsite employees. They were knowledgeable and confident with the project and its progress. They were particularly attentive to our concerns and followed up with great communication. This friendly environment made the relationship with the building owners feel like everyone was on the same team.

 . . .  our actual cost were bang on to the budget."

Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP

" They handled the projects with integrity and were upfront and transparent througout the whole process. I do not hesitate to recommend Mark McFarlane and Goldwing Construction Inc. for any future projects.

Homes Alive Pets

" Denham Hospitality has trusted Goldwing Cconstruction with many projects at our various  properties over recent years and would hihgly recommend their services. Always operating with a high standard of professionalism. "

Denham Hospitality Organization