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Always ask yourself:

“Would you bring your child to your job site?”

To ensure our job sites are safe for anyone, all new team members attend a detailed orientation that includes review of company policies, safe work practices and applicable hands-on tool training. All field team members receive First Aid and CPR certification; as well, various training and certifications are held by individual team members and the right person is assigned to the right project based on experience and training. In addition to first aid and CPR various team members have training in:


Safety auditor Training  |  Working Safely with Drywall  |  Types and Uses of Safeguards  |  Working at Heights  |  WHMIS  |  Occupational Health and Safety Legislation Awareness  |  Principles of Health and Safety Management  |  Leadership for Safety Excellence  |  Ladder Safety  |  Scaffold Safety

Confined Space Awareness  |  Roofing Hazards & Controls  |  Environmental Protection   |  Propane on the Work Site  |  Elevated Work Platform

Fall Protection;   |  Ground Disturbance.


Through continuous training and mentorship, Goldwing believes that we can create a work environment of zero incidents.

Full safety manual and procedures available upon award of the project:

Hazard identification and assessment  |  Behavior based programs  |  Work management system  |  All temporary workers will be identified and assigned a mentor  |  Site specific emergency response plan  |  Formal hazard assessments at the start of each project  |  Daily jobsite checklists  |  Equipment inspection forms  |  Fire drill reviews  |  Preventative maintenance.

12184-152 Street  Edmonton, AB  T5V 1S1

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