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Our Commitment


Safety will always be our first concern.  We work to live; everyone getting home to our families and friends is paramount.


We commit to making decisions that are always in the best interests of the project.  We promise value for dollars spent.  Ability to meet timeframes, appropriate resources, record of quality workmanship and cost are all factors that are considered before the award of work to any subtrade.  A contractor’s involvement in the early stages of a project is vital; allowing time to understand the uniqueness of the project, and the goals and objectives of the ownership group is important.  During this early stage, we offer opinions from a “field” point of view.  Our professional suggestions often preserve the integrity of the design, yet can be more cost effective. It is imperative that the owner, the contractor, and the designers communicate in a “time is of the essence manner” for progress to continue on site.  Our practice is to schedule and conduct regular site meetings with the entire Project Team every 2 weeks.  Minutes are distributed following the meeting.  This allows for all issues to be recognized and addressed in a timely manner. We support the team concept and trust that you feel the same.


Material choices will vary based on the needs and specifications of the client, but quality of the service and workmanship will never change. From Budgeting to Project Closeout, you will notice the difference. Workmanship will not deviate from being the best it can be. We listen to our clients. We hear when they say things like, “cost is an important factor”. We will not up-sell materials or design; what we will do is consider options that provide a better look or feel to a project but do not increase the cost of the project. It is these little differences that showcase Goldwing’s integrity.


In summary, our skills, our experience, and our resources are relevant and available for your project.

12184-152 Street  Edmonton, AB  T5V 1S1

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