Pre-construction Services

Goldwing  Construction offers a variety of pre-construction services that will allow your project to get started on the right foot.


We can help you find a realtor to locate an ideal location for your business, we can establish a design and engineering team, provide budgets, offer value engineering suggestions, and secure all required permits through the local authorities.

Automotive Dealerships

Goldwing Construction Inc. has a special talent in serving the automotive industry. We have been of service on a regular basis to several car dealerships around the Province of Alberta over the years. Our expertise extends from minor renovations and building repair work to full blown, ground up construction of an entire dealership.

No matter how big or small, our philosophy remains steadfast . . . . get the job done right the first time, on time and on budget.

Medical Clinics

Goldwing Construction Inc. has tremendous experience in constructing all sorts of interior projects. Our workmanship will not deviate from being the best it can be no matter the size of the project. From simple renovations to full scale interior construction. From upscale office interiors to a simple interior demising wall in a warehouse. We have completed many different types of projects  . . . from minor repairs and renovations to multi-million dollar new construction.

Give us a call so we can have a look at your project. From initial planning and budgeting to the final, on time turnover, Goldwing will be your contractor.

We have had the opportunity to be involved in many medical clinic construction projects.

Although not entirely different from other commercial construction projects and interior developments, we recognize that there are some special requirements for medical clinics including sound control and privacy components. Some medical clinics also have the need for heavy prescription dispensing machinery and pharmacy configurations.

We have done it all and will continue to service our medical practitioner customers with the Goldwing treatment. 

Ground Up Construction

Goldwing  Construction excels in ground up construction.  We can take your undeveloped parcel of land and provide you with a turn key finished building. We can assist with design, permits, and every aspect of construction leaving you with a building ready to move into and tailored to meet your every need.

As is true with all Goldwing projects, big or small, safety is of paramount importance. All our projects follow the Goldwing Construction Safety Policies and Procedures and are regularly inspected by the Goldwing safety officer.

Retail Projects
Special Projects

Over the years, we have done a large variety of retail construction projects. We have accomplished several prominent retail retro-fits and tenant improvements with great success to our clients.

In retail, speed and attention to detail of the plans are critical. The client needs to be in their space and the space needs to work for retail success.

We know that and achieve that . . . all the time!

Here at Goldwing, we certainly take pride in our ability to adapt to special conditions and take on projects that are a little out of the ordinary.

Buildings that serve common purposes, but have unusual architectural elements or perhaps a project that lies within a sensitive ecological area. We  have completed several projects that have special historical significance such as the Laff-O-Laff Fun House at Fort Edmonton Park, and have provided construction services for churches, mosques, recreational facilities, laboratories and mortuaries.

Our project managers and site personnel enjoy the challenges and we always contribute with innovative ways to solve special problems on special projects.